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Mac 935 Glass Cleaner

Mac 935 is a effective cleaner for windows and mirrors. Can be also used on glass, plastic, tiles, enamel and on other water resistant surfaces.
Dissolves fat and gives a ...

Mac 938 Multi-Purpose Heavy-Duty Cleaner

An extra strong multipurpose cleaner for daily cleaning of floors and other surfaces in heavily soiled areas either by manual cleaning or mechanical ...

Mac 932 Multi-purpose cleaner

A mild, alkaline detergent for daily cleaning of plastic surfaces, tile floors, painted surfaces and other water resistant surfaces in the kitchen, bathroom and in other rooms. ...

Mac 888 Drain cleaner

Alkaline drain cleaner that unblocks sewer pipes and helps to prevent the occurrence of clogged drains.

Package: 5L

Mac 914 Limescale remover

MAC 914 is a limescale and rust removing detergent, usable on tiles, metal, plastic and other acid-resistant surfaces. An effective detergent for coffee machines and kettles, ...

Mac 887 Soaking agent for grease traps of ventilation

Mac887 is a hood filter cleaner / degreaser. Do not use on aluminium and light metal surfaces.

Package: 5L

Premiere Caterclean 50 Catering cleaner

Caterclean 50 is an alkaline detergent for cleaning and degreasing in kitchens and catering areas. Suitable for use on floors, walls, hard surfaces and catering equipment, this is ...

Premiere Lemon Cleam Cleanser Mildly abrasive liquid

Lemon cream cleaner is a mildly abrasive liquid for removing ingrained dirt and stains on tiles, plastics, stainless steel and enamel.

Package: 500ml

Premiere Low Foam neutral floor cleaner

Low Foam is an odourless, neutral low foaming multi purpose cleaner, particularly recommended for use on large floor areas with machine scrubber driers.

Package: 5L

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