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Premiere TD30 toilet cleaner & descaler

TD30 is a powerful and quick acting phosphoric acid based toilet cleaner and descaler with a floral fragrance that effectively removes the build up of grime and limescale from ...

Mac 951 Colour Washing Powder

Mild, effective laundry detergent/washing powder. Removes tough stains, dirt and grease and leaves clothes fresh and clean without damaging the colors of the fabric.
Does not ...

Mac 953 Universal fabric softener

Mac 953 is environment friendly and anti-static fabric softener. To be used on natural or artificial fabrics after manual or automatic laundry wash. Softens and removes ...

Mac 950 Laundry detergent for white fabrics

Mac 950 mild, high concentrated laundry detergent for all water types and temperatures up to 95 °C. Suitable for all white fabrics, hand- and machine wash.
Contains ...

Lucart Foam Soap Luxury

Midly scented foam soap.
Up to 2000 doser per fill.

Mac TS300 Gel hand disinfectant

Suitable for hygienic hand disinfection. Bactericidal, fungicidal, virucidal, tuberculocidal properties.

Packaging: 5L jug
0,5L pump bottle

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