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Mac 950 Laundry detergent for white fabrics

Mac 950 mild, high concentrated laundry detergent for all water types and temperatures up to 95 °C. Suitable for all white fabrics, hand- and machine wash.
Contains ...

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Mac TS300 Gel hand disinfectant

Suitable for hygienic hand disinfection. Bactericidal, fungicidal, virucidal, tuberculocidal properties.

Packaging: 5L jug
0,5L pump bottle

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Mac TS310 Surface disinfectant

MAC TS 310 an alcohol- based rapid disinfectant for disinfecting alcohol - resistant surfaces. It has very active bactericidal, fungicidal, virucidal amd tuberculocidal ...

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Mac 918 Detergent for dishwashers

An effective high-concentrated dishwashing detergent for all water qualities and all types of dish - washers, used by food industry and by restaurants.
Not suitable for ...

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Mac 930N Washing-Up liquid

Effective and lasting skin friendly washing-up liquid for the daily wash-up.
Cleans water-resistant surfaces. Dissolves fat, food rests and other kinds of dirt. ...

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Mac 921 Drying Agent for Dishwashers

Drying agent which is suitable for all types professional dishwashers. Prevents water stains and favors drying. Suitable for all water types. Does not damage dishes nor ...

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